About Matt

Hi, I'm Matt, a remote work advocate, good life hunter, designer, writer, and general maker of things. I live in a country cottage in the outskirts of Canterbury, with my fiancée and our 2 year-old Cocker Spaniel, Woody.

Day to day, I'm self-employed. I'm a generalist, covering everything from web design and build through to social media management. Currently I'm helping out with marketing at The popstick, building a photo based challenge game, an MVP content platform, and not finding time to write a book.

Outside of the 'office', I enjoy searching for a good life, and idle the days away in whatever wonderous ways I can. Often found walking Woody through the many fields and woods around Kent or expanding my carving and whittling ability - currently around the "mushrooms and occasional green man" stage. Otherwise, I'll be relaxing in front of whatever form of entertainment has me hooked at the present moment.

This blog is a space for me to record progress on projects, present random thoughts, and share stories as I hunt for the good life.